Grammar Gossip: A Pedagogical Reflection

By Rebecca


Apart from my work as a PhD student, I teach first year composition at UMass. As my personal response to “teaching grammar,” and to address the very common grammatical anxieties of writers, I implemented a grammar blog. It’s called Grammar Gossip, and all of its content is created by my first year students.

Grammar is often a “hotly” debated topic amongst scholars, students, teachers, social media users, internet trolls, and the list goes on. Where is it’s place in school? Where is it’s place in the world? WHO TEACHES GRAMMAR?! It can strike the most confident writers with crippling fear, and can befuddle the most eloquent speakers. So, I went with a blog. Something fun, light, informative.

I initiated this blog in the Spring, and have decided to give it another go this Fall. (I’ll be introducing the blog genre later today!) While I had preliminary feedback from my students, and my own observations in their writing, I wasn’t completely sure if this blog was having any impact on their interest in writing, grammar, the course, etc. And then yesterday, I got my Spring students’ evaluations.

Taking a step back, I did have reason to believe the blog was “working.” Students were …read more

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