Getting your Message Across

By Rebecca


Tomorrow marks the start of a new semester. And with that, comes hours of course prep and planning. As always, I’m faced with the consideration of who I am in the classroom as both teacher and person, and what messages I convey both verbally and not. I’m reminded of the oft-repeated adage:

“It’s not what you say, but how you say it.”

In my classroom, and I’m sure many others, it’s often not what we tell our students but rather how we say it, that makes the information stick. I can tell them on day 1 that conventional grammar and mechanics does not mean good writing, but until they see my feedback and grades, they won’t believe that. Again, it’s not that I’m conveying different messages, but it’s how I’m saying it, through my action, that earns trust and belief.

My Fall 2016 syllabus designed using Piktochart!

In that same vein, I’ve decided to test out an infographic syllabus this semester, allowing me to highlight what I think is most important about my course. While something longer allows for more in depth descriptions and information, my hope is that a more concise syllabus will show my students that what really matters is them. That …read more

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