Playing with Neatline: Up close and personal… while reading from a distance

By Kyle Oddis

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Ah, the Internet. What a remarkable treasure trove it can be.

Something seemed to click for me over the last couple of weeks: I experienced a major breakthrough in understanding the potential for DH in my work after doing my key project reflection. This week, that understanding has expanded, because now I’ve worked with Neatline… and Neatline is pretty cool.

We’ve started to form groups to collaborate on final projects for TMN. It’s looking like I’ll be working with some fellow grad students who are in the Public History program on a project to map correspondences of Modernist poets, publications (journals or manifestos), and potentially periodicals or news articles. Essentially, the big idea is that we want to kind of contextualize the movement historically, in a visual way that expands our understanding of the interactions that were going on between the movement’s major figures and the influences that shaped the art that emerged. We think it might give us a compelling new lens through which to look at the content of Modernist American poems that stretches beyond close reading. Or something like that (we’re still in the very baby …read more

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