Lab #4: Network Analysis

The text for this lab will be relatively brief, as Scott Weingart says all I would and more in the “Demystifying Networks” piece we read for class today. I’ll go over some basic network vocabulary in class, and from there we’ll begin experimenting. Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. If you’ve not yet downloaded Gephi, please do so.
  2. Next, I’ve added some sample data to this folder. There’s a lot there, but for now download Hamlet.gephi, letters1789_thru_1793.csv, participants1789_thru_1793.csv, and pairwise_1856-1860_uniq.txt.
  3. And, as always, a determined but playful willingness to experiment.

We’re going to spend two weeks working on networks in class, but ultimately what you will submit will be a small network (of 10-15 nodes, say) of your own design. This won’t be due until a week from next, but you might begin working this week by preparing two simple tables (in Excel or another spreadsheet program) of your nodes and edges. This will require, of course, thinking long and hard about what kinds of connections you wish to model and how you imagine representing those connections as a network graph.

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